Nov 27, 2018

Fire Safety Tips

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Fire Safety Tips

The Kitchen: An Unlikely Danger Zone

Never leave your cooking unattended. Always keep your stove company. Especially if you’re frying something—that’s when things can cross the line in mere seconds. It’s one of the simplest fire safety tips, but it’s also the leading cause of kitchen fires.

Keep it clean. Keep stove and counter surfaces free of clutter, grease, and especially flammable objects like hairspray, bug spray, or air freshener. In case of an emergency you’ll be able to react faster given the freedom of space.

Set a timer. Don’t just rely on your brain; we’re human, and we get distracted. A timer can remind you to switch off the burner or oven, saving your food and possibly your house from being burnt.

Wear tight clothes. Billowing sleeves or hanging accessories above a lit stove can spell disaster.

Install a smoke detector in the kitchen. In a commercial environment, consider investing in fire safety training for employees.


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